Shifting the Masculinity Paradigm

Our Mission

The Warrior cOre is a place to discover your own definition of masculinity, to determine what kind of man you want to be and how to live from that place. You have been conditioned since birth on what a man is “supposed” to be. We will chip away at and begin the journey of finding your Authentic Masculinity.

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You May Be Asking Yourself

Why should I take a workshop on masculinity led by a woman?

What does SHE know about masculinity?

These are great questions and you are right to ask. The answer to the second question is quite a lot actually, but the answer to the first is much more important.

I am here as a guide. My goal is help you answer for yourself “What does masculinity mean to me?” and “What kind of man do I want to be?”

There is a tendency with this work for people to consciously or unconsciously try to emulate the person at the front of the room. And why not? They seem to have figured it out.

The purpose of The Warrior cOre is for you to find and live from your authentic masculine, not to conform to someone else’s version of self. How better to not conform to someone else’s version of masculinity than for the guide to not be male-bodied?

Our Services


General discussions or focused on a specific topic, ranging from 2 hours to a full day to recurring over several weeks, we start to bring awareness to the conditioning boys and men are subjected to and begin the process of undoing it. Creating stronger connections to self and in brotherhood.

Men's Groups

Bi-weekly gatherings live or online. Exploring masculinity, the impact of conditioning on who you are as a man in a community of support and encouragement.


Curated groups, 2-7 day all-inclusive immersions locally and at exotic locations.

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Coaching looks very different person to person. One-on-one coaching topics include: connection & intimacy, sexual trauma, passion & purpose, confidence, and communication. Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore if this is right for you.

Imagine if you could....

  • A world free of conditioning where everyone is allowed to be who they are as a human
  • Healthy relationship with all emotions
  • Being okay with not being okay
  • Celebrating men and masculinity
  • Men supporting other men in a deep and meaningful way
  • The ability to foster genuine intimacy
  • Confidently respond to the question “how do you feel?”
  • Seeing the ways in which societies’ definitions of masculinity have impacted you and those around you
  • Being at peace with who you are with no “should’s” or “supposed to’s”
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I’m the founder of the expert speaker institute, and I have worked with Amy Bliss on intimacy coaching and masculinity coaching. What’s really cool about working with her is she’s a woman helping men with masculinity so you might wonder why i would choose her. Well, turns out, when I work with her I’m really comfortable and I really feel like that I can be myself almost more than I am with men because I’m trying to prove myself with the men. Amy really understands the world of masculinity, and in my case, as I’m trying to relate to women, she’s given me a great sort of insight to masculinity and femininity and relating. If you’re considering working with Amy Bliss or considering accessing her beautiful wisdom and knowledge in relationships in masculinity and intimacy, I highly recommend her. 

Amy Bliss, she’s the best.

Majeed M.

Founder, Expert Speaker Institute
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This was the best 4 hours I have ever spent in my entire life. I feel closer to the 6 men in this room, five of whom I hadn’t met before today, than I feel to the people I’ve worked with for 20 years! Could not recommend The Warrior cOre more!”

Frank C.

New York