A bit about us.

Our Mission

We believe the vast majority of men, at their core, are wonderful souls. And want nothing more than for them to be able to truly express who they are and live their best lives. We want them to be able to experience what it feels like to live as their true authentic selves without society's rules of what a man should or shouldn’t be. We believe that all men, at their core, are warriors. Not in the traditional sense of a soldier or combatant, rather a fighter or crusader for that which they believe in passionately and most deeply. Imagine the world if men were given the freedom to pursue their deepest passions without judgment or ridicule.

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Amy bliss

founder & visionary
Dance, Lo-fi music, and Vegan snacks.
Dance, Lo-fi music, and Vegan snacks.
I had a 20+ year corporate career, in mostly male-dominated industries and fields, where I both felt completely comfortable and truly excelled. After leaving the corporate world, I spent a good deal of time studying Female Empowerment. Reading everything I could, taking courses and workshops and ultimately teaching and presenting on the topic. During this time, there was always this nagging question in my mind, “Where is this for men?? Men need this, too.” Hearing this question echoed by a man during a men’s session of an intensive women’s course, I knew I found my purpose. The Warrior cOre was born. I lead, facilitate and challenge from a place of empathy, support and encouragement, free of judgment. After years of bringing this work to individuals all over the world, through 1-on-1 coaching, the desire to reach more people was too great. The Warrior cOre couldn’t wait any longer. I can’t wait to meet you!

A few more questions that might be kicking around in your head…

What about other identities? Great question! We fully support all gender identities and the main focus of our offerings is for those whose gender assigned at birth was male.

What if I am not male-bodied or my gender assigned at birth was not male and I am interested in your workshops? We are so thrilled you are interested in learning more! Men cannot do this alone and need the support of those around them. Occasionally we offer workshops for all identities.

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